DELF B2 exam preparation

DELF B2 exam preparation
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See how to successfully prepare for the DELF exam  through this one-to-one french online course to do comfortably  at home with a tutor that follows you!

Who is this course aimed at ?


This course is intended for all those who have a B2 language level and who want to prepare the European Delf B2 certification exam.

Before enrolling in any course, the student will undergo an entrance test to evaluate his or her initial level. The teacher will then  place him/her  at the appropriate course.
This course includes individual videoconferencing lessons that are agreed with the student depending on his/her availability. The entire course will be specifically focused on the four exam tests. The number of hours needed will be evaluated by the teacher after correcting the entrance test;

If you are interested in this course and if you need further information, please contact me at the adress .

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The Delf B2 exam components.

  • Writing 

    Taking a personal stand (contributing to a debate, formal letter, review of a film/book).;

  • Speaking 

    Stating and defending an opinion based on a short document designed to explicit a reaction.;

  • Listening 

    Comprehension questionnaires dealing with two recordings:
    – presentation, lecture, speech, documentary, radio or television program (played twice)
    – interview, news bulletin, etc (played once);

  • Reading 

    Comprehension questionnaires dealing with two written documents:
    – text of an informational nature regarding France or the French-speaking world;
    – text of an argumentative nature;

    Course topics

  • Reading exercices

    Reading and comprehension of long written documents on specific topics;

  • Listening exercices

    Listening of long recordings and tips for a successful performance;

  • Speaking exercices 

    To express, articulate, defend one’s opinion;

  • Writing exercices

    Writing of complex written documents


It was very interesting and funny ! I learnt a lot and my pronunciation is not perfect but better than before this course. Thank you Raffaella !


Gracias Raffaella por tu paciencia conmigo. El curso fue muy profesional y lo encontré muy interesante. Quiero seguir aprendiendo el francés

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