Job interview in French as foreign language

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Here’s how to prepare yourself for a job interview in french with a French online advanced course you will attend comfortably from home and a tutor that follows you step by step.

Who is this course aimed at ?


entretien-embauche-1-everglowThis course is aimed at those who have a minimum B1 level. Students will acquire the   the grammatical, lexical and syntactic skills  necessary to a successful job interview in a French-speaking place. In addition, each participant receives basic information about the nature of a job interview, the right attitudes to be taken, the actions to be taken, the frequent  asked questions.

Course objectives :

  • acquire the grammatical, lexical and syntactic skills necessary to successfully support a job interview in French as foreign language;

  • acquire useful knowledge about the nature of a job interview in its functional, formal and behavioral aspects;

  • to know the main recurring questions in job interviews and the best answers to be provided;

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Course description and structure 

  • Introduction  

    • course objectives;

    • course presentation and articulation;

    • grammar review;

  • Vocabulary 

    • career;

    • jobs;

    • education, training;

  • Writing a CV and presentation letter 

  • Job interview description 

  • Frequent questions asked during a job interview 

  • Questions to ask during a job interview

  • Simulations 

    If you are interested at the course, contact me at this adress : and put in the object “entretien d’embauche”. I will contact you for an assessment test and to answer to you any questions about the course.

    The lesson are carried out in videoconference and the schedules will be fixed with the student immediately after the subscription to the course. Before subscription each student will have a written and oral  assessment.


It was very interesting and funny ! I learnt a lot and my pronunciation is not perfect but better than before this course. Thank you Raffaella !


Gracias Raffaella por tu paciencia conmigo. El curso fue muy profesional y lo encontré muy interesante. Quiero seguir aprendiendo el francés


Course composed of 10 one-to one live lessons

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