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Why should I choose these online lessons ?

You can attend your online lessons (video lessons or live lessons) where you want  on PC or mobile devices. You just need a good Internet connection and with a click you can learn French.

Compared to classical  classroom lessons, online lessons  offer many benefits:

  • access resources whenever you want ,24/7;
  • you can decide to attend the lessons wherever you are, without having to move to go to school;
  • you can always contact your teacher who will answer any question concerning your course;

All courses and resources are designed and built by native teachers in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

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Raffaella Fraomene
Insegnante di lingue

Raffaella Fraomene sarà la tua insegnante di francese e ti seguirà in tutto il tuo percorso di apprendimento della lingua francese .

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Choose the course that suits your needs and try a free lesson. You will be followed step by step by the teacher  you can contact at any time via mail or chat site.

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