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Here’s how to practice french through this french online individual course that you do comfortably from home and with a tutor that supports you !

Who is it aimed at ?

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Do you want to practice French with a mother tongue interlocutor? Are you planning a vacation in a French-speaking country? Do you want to improve your listening skills and develop greater security in your conversation? These lessons will surely help you achieve these goals.

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Lessons description

  • Free conversations
    The student may choose to have free conversations in french, not focused on specific topics. In this way, teacher and student imitate a type of interaction that may occur daily in an informal context.

  • Conversations on specific topics.
    Students can choose to have conversations in french focused on specific topics based on their needs : professional contexts, communicative situations, etc. In this way, the student will learn to use a specific vocabulary and a language register appropriate to the type of situation he is in.

  • Teacher’s attitude
    The teacher will have the role of giving dynamism to the conversation. You will be careful to note any grammatical, syntactic, pronunciation errors etc. and by interrupting the student at a minimum, he will make a statement at the end of each lesson. It will provide the student with guidelines for correcting his mistakes.

    If you are interested at the course, contact me at this adress : info@francese-live.academy and put in the object “conversation lessons”. I will contact you for an assessment test and to answer to you any questions about the course.

    The lesson are carried out in videoconference and the schedules will be fixed with the student immediately after the subscription to the course. Before subscription each student will have a written and oral  assessment.


It was very interesting and funny ! I learnt a lot and my pronunciation is not perfect but better than before this course. Thank you Raffaella !


Gracias Raffaella por tu paciencia conmigo. El curso fue muy profesional y lo encontré muy interesante. Quiero seguir aprendiendo el francés

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