French pronunciation and phonetics

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Here’s how to improve and refine your French pronunciation and spelling with an individual French online course that you do comfortably from home and with a tutor that follows you step by step.

Who is the course aimed at ?

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This course is aimed at all those who want to obtain a good pronounciation of standard French and whose level is A2-B1. This course will insist on the sounds that do not exist in the native language of the student.

To be able to pronounce a sound properly, you need to understand how to articulate the organs of the phonation (tongue, teeth, lips, palate, ugola,). For this reason, some notions of  articulatory phonetics will be provided in this course.

The second aspect of this course is spelling. In fact, it is often difficult to know how to associate a graphic  representation with a sound. If we consider that the French language has 37 phonemes (sounds) for 137 grapheme (writing modes) it is evident that the same phoneme can be written in several ways and we will study the rules to no longer make any mistake in a  dictation or simply in any written document that may be required to be drawn up.

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Course structure

  • Introduction

    • Presentation of the course structure and objectives ;

    • Elements of articulatory phonetics;

    • French phonetic system, French alphabet and international phonetic alphabet (IPA);

  • The oral vowels 

    • Front vowels;

    • Central vowels;

    • Back vowels;

    • The accents in french : grave and acute;

  • The nasal vowels

  • The occlusive consonants

    • Bilabial consonants;

    • Dental consonants;

    • Alveolar consonants;

  • Affricate consonants 

    • Labiodental consonants;

    • Palato consonants;

    • Uvular consonants;

  • Semi consonants 

  • The  “liaison”

    • The compulsory/optional/forbiddent liaison;


  • Oral exercices


    If you are interested in the course, contact me at  : and put in the object  “pronunciation course”.  I’ll contact you to assess you level and answer to your questions on the course. 

    The lessons will be held in  video conference and each one will last an hour. Timetables will be agreed upon with the student immediately upon enrollment. Before enrollment, each student will undergo a written and oral evaluation test.


It was very interesting and funny ! I learnt a lot and my pronunciation is not perfect but better than before this course. Thank you Raffaella !


Gracias Raffaella por tu paciencia conmigo. El curso fue muy profesional y lo encontré muy interesante. Quiero seguir aprendiendo el francés



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